How a woman's short stories and "scrap" art can teach anyone a simple lesson of patience

Who knew a spontaneous trip to Smoothie King would teach me another effortless lesson of patience.

It was a cloudy Monday --  the perfect kind of afternoon to procrastinate a little longer and run some errands with my friend Becca.

At the end of our little afternoon adventure we stopped to get smoothies. There in the parking lot of the Green Hills Smoothie King we came across a woman standing with three different bags.

One was a large, hardshell luggage. Sitting next to the luggage was a small tote bag full of crafting supplies. The other bag was a clear, gallon-sized Ziploc bag which she clutched in her left hand.

"Hi, would you like to buy some short stories?" she asked.

Becca and I stopped to see what her short stories were all about. She has two stories -- "There The Hat Goes" and "Happy Thanksgiving Pudding!" Multiple copies of those stories were tucked away inside the Ziploc bag. 

She also showed us some of her "scrap" art -- as she described it. She carefully unpacked two small clutches, all made from recycled coupon papers.

Gia said that it takes her about an hour to make one clutch. She uses clear packing tape to mold the recycled paper.

"I think they would make great little coupon booklets," she said.

And that they will. But Gia gave us more than a gift of short stories and coupon booklets.

I found out later from a dear friend that Gia stood at the West End Chuy's late one night last week selling her short stories. Today she was standing in a Green Hills parking lot. Tomorrow -- who knows where she'll stand.

But she will stand. She will greet people with a smile and offer the gift of her treasured written words.

She will be rejected by many. She will be ignored by some. But she will stand.

It may be rainy. It may be hot. It may be so cold you can see your own breath.

But she will wait for someone -- anyone -- to buy her work.

Gia is a patient woman. 

Thank you for your gift, Gia.

P.S. If you come across Gia and her art, please share!! Her story deserves to be told over and over again!

A sidenote: Before I even started this blog I was having some concern about how I would make it come to life. "Am I going to have time to go meet random people? Am I even going to be bold enough to walk up to random people? Can I really pull off this blog?" All questions I asked myself going into this thing. But all those anxious fears went away today. I kept telling myself "I just want things to happen -- I don't want anything to feel forced." And that's when I ran into Gia in the Smoothie King parking lot. She taught me a lot. Most of all, she taught me a lesson in patience. Sometimes things just hit ya right when they're supposed to, and it's really cool.