How the wiggle of a baby's toes reveals God's faithfulness

 The wiggle of his little toes was just one sign of the beautiful miracle that he is.

"They just didn't know what our God could do," his mother, Sarah, said as she played with her son's seven-week-old feet.

To no avail, Sarah and her husband Kenan had been trying to have a baby on and off for several years, until one day two blue lines changed their lives forever. 

"Seeing those lines come in so strongly within seconds was one of the best feelings in the world," Sarah wrote. "That whole weekend --and the next 8 months-- Kenan and I would look at each other at random moments and say, 'We're gonna have a kid! It's really happening!'"

Soon enough, the two would discover the gender of their sweet miracle baby. 

"We snuck to a clinic where they would do an early ultrasound scan to find the gender. A boy! Our hearts were overwhelmed with excitement!"

But with the ultrasound came more than just news of the gender.

The technician called the day after and said she saw something abnormal on the baby's scan. After more testing, they were told their baby had an open neural tube defect. His spine had been fully formed, but there was a place at the end that wasn’t fully enclosed. It was considered a form of Spina Bifida, though at the time they did not know the precise diagnosis. 

"A few days after the news came from our doctor, the Lord confirmed in both our hearts that our child will be healed," she wrote on her blog the month they received the news. "We don’t know how or when, but we trust Him. He was very clear when He spoke to me: 'Your healing is through your praise, worship and testimony!'"

Since that day in March, they prayed Jeremiah 30:17 over their baby boy. 

“‘For I will bring up fresh flesh for thee and I will heal you of your wounds’ sayeth Yahweh.”

On June 24, Sarah shared some great news from a doctor's appointment. The lesion itself was not growing, but instead was growing skin -- which protects the spinal cord from amniotic fluid and would make the repair surgery much easier. Everything from his head to his toes was perfect. 

On July 29, Langford Oaks McGuffey was born. Just 24 hours after delivery, Oaks underwent a major spinal surgery. Sarah, Kenan and Oaks spent eight days at Vanderbilt Children's hospital in the NICU.

And there again, the wiggle of his little toes was just one sign of the beautiful miracle that he is.

"I have experienced His kind faithfulness in ways I didn't realize were possible," Sarah wrote. "Not just that He was faithful in healing Oaks, but that He has been so faithful to hold me together in the moments when I wanted to fall apart. He has been so faithful to guide us as we had to make really difficult decisions about Oaks' care. He has been so faithful to strengthen and comfort, to speak clearly, to reveal things about His very nature that would help sustain and build us up."

See more of this family's journey in this photograph series. Next week I will share the story of how his name alone is a testament of God's faithfulness. To learn more about Oaks' story, check out Sarah's beautiful blog that documents the entire journey.