Words from a woman who is backpacking America for her honeymoon

I'm at SafeHouse Outreach in Atlanta, Georgia. It's about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 

I walked in to hear the voice of a woman singing Beatles songs accompanied by a boy playing an acoustic guitar -- both reading lyrics and guitar cords off of a phone.

I later learned that the boy playing guitar had been playing for eight years. As a senior in high school he decided to take his gifts to SafeHouse as an intern, working closely with the many people who come in and out.

As he wrapped up The Bealtes' famous “Let it Be” I approached the woman singing next to him. 

Kristy Jones is a very friendly woman. 

Behind her duct-taped glasses are big, blue eyes filled with hope. As she greeted me with a broad smile, she began telling me about herself.

She told me that singing provides her with a sense of peace and comfort. And later on in the conversation I found out why that feeling is so important to her.

Kristy just got married. For the newly-wed's honeymoon they're backpacking across America. They arrived in Atlanta five days before I met Kristy, and at the time she said they were stranded there. 

She didn’t say why. I didn’t ask.

They didn’t know where to go. They just kept going

The end of the conversation took a turn as she began to ask me questions.

"Who are you? What's your story? Where do you go to school? What's your major?" she asked.

I went on to tell her I was a journalism student from Nashville and I was visiting Atlanta for the weekend. I told her I gravitated most toward photojournalism. 

I told her that when she becomes a famous singer, I will be the first one to have ever photographed her. She giggled.

As I gave her a hug goodbye, she said “You are a journalism student. You have a voice. You have a powerful voice. Use it.”

So here I am. 

Kristy jones and safehouse intern sing "let it be."

Kristy jones and safehouse intern sing "let it be."

I believe that storytelling is the heart of humankind. We are all storytellers. 

Through recent connections, I have been most drawn to seeing the fruit of the Spirit in others. 

These nine fruits are found in Galations 5:22-23: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”

I have seen an overwhelming amount of sidewalk-kindness and stranger-love lately -- so much that I decided to create a place where those moments could be shared. 

But this won't be a place where carefree, untroubled stories of incredibly perfect people land, because we live in a world of beautiful, mysterious imperfections. 

I want for this blog to be about people -- their trials, their joys and all the other stuff that fills the cracks in between. And I hope that you can find comfort and inspiration in the sharing of these stories.

So if you'd like, come back next week, and be greeted by a story of the fruit.