How his name is a testament of God's goodness

It all started with a tiny acorn

And acorns grow into mighty, wondrous oak trees. 

When Sarah and Kenan discovered they were pregnant, after trying so long to have a child, they knew it would be a testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness. But they just didn't know how much of a testimony their child's life would be until months later.

Around the same time they discovered their child was a boy, the technicians also noticed something abnormal on the scan. After more tests, they discovered that he had an incomplete spine. It was considered a form of Spina Bifida.

Their families, church congregations, friends and many more prayed God's healing over their baby.

"As it has unfolded we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is going to use our son’s life to minister to people all over," Sarah wrote before he was born. "He already is touching so many hearts, believers and non-believers alike, with his story – and he’s not even out of the womb yet! How faithful is our God?!"

It would only be fitting that his name be a reflection of his mighty story. On her blog, Sarah shared how they were led to naming him.

"In the fall of 2011, Kenan went on a walk down our road and brought me back the tiniest acorn we had ever seen. It was seriously the most adorable thing ever. It still had it’s little 'hat' on and everything. At that time we were in the beginning stages of trying to have a baby, but we were well enough into it that we realized that it wasn’t 'just happening.' So we decided to let that little acorn be the physical representation of the 'seed of our faith' for a child. We set it up on our bathroom shelf where we’d see it every day, and we’d hold it in our hands and pray and believe and thank God that He would send us a baby at just the right moment."

And on July 29, Langford Oaks McGuffey was born. Soon after his birth, the family spent several days in the NICU as Oaks underwent a major spinal surgery.

As of today, Sarah wrote that Oaks had a wonderful checkup at the doctor's office.

That tiny acorn that symbolized this family's deeply-rooted faith grew into a mighty testament of God's goodness.

"Our 'faith for healing' is not what healed Oaks. God healed Oaks. But our determination in continuing to believe God is good no matter the circumstance, and our unwavering pursuit of Him has created avenues of blessings in amazing ways. If He is faithful when we are faithless, just imagine how much more faithful He is when we are faithful to Him. His Word is full of promises for those who walk in the way of righteousness and those who trust in the Lord, and our family has seen those promises fulfilled."

"Smidge the Mighty Warrior will continue to be an amazing testimony to God's overwhelmingly beautiful splendor," she said. "That's why we named him Oaks."