Joy: a three-letter word with an incalculable meaning


Merriam-Webster describes joy as a feeling of great happiness, or a source or cause of great happiness. 

We all experience joy in different ways -- that's the beauty of it. Witnessing others' joy is life-giving. It fills me up with so much goodness. 

It's so eye-opening to see others' joy in things that I may take for granted in my day-to-day life. Over the summer I remember seeing joy in the eyes of a young boy. 

One sunny morning I got to witness and capture that little boy's dream come true.

Make a Wish foundation came to the Cash Cabin Studio, in Hendersonville, TN, where my father Chuck Turner does a lot of his freelance producing and engineering work. He asked me to come be a part of the day.

You see, Logan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and partnered with Make a Wish, a foundation that seeks to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. 

One of Logain's biggest "wishes" was to meet Johnny Cash and sing the famous Ring of Fire.

Logan was wheeled into the cabin with the biggest smile on his face. He met Johnny's son, John Carter Cash, got to play a few of his guitars and even had the chance to record Ring of Fire with John in the recording studio.

Logan couldn't walk and barely talked, but he came alive when he heard the strumming sound of the guitar resonate in his ears. His eyes lit up with excitement and his feet would tap away to the rhythm.

Soon enough, John Carter handed Logan a guitar he could hold and play.

"Twannng" "Jreeeng" "Twannng"

His musical sounds rang out. There he was, sitting right next to John, playing the guitar.

Next up Logan got to sit centerstage in the main recording room with John Carter to sing. 

As I sat inside the recording room, I put my camera down for a moment to just take in what was happening in front of me. My eyes filled to the brim with tears of joy.

My dad Chuck said that the experience was like no other -- because everyday different artists come to record at Johnny's cabin.

"For me it was a bigger a joy than recording a superstar, because it made him truly happy -- and to see that smile on his face when we were recording made it all worthwhile," Chuck said. "His innocence and fascination was all refreshing. I was grateful to be a part of making one of his dreams come true. It's humbling to know that what we do and what we did that day made him so happy."

After the recording, Logan came into the control room to hear what he had just done.

But he quickly learned that there were more guitars to play in the control room. Next thing you know he was handed another guitar and back at strummin'. 

This one, maybe two-hour period was a time in my life when I felt the most joy because of witnessing the joy in Logan. I looked back at everyday occurrences that I complain about -- that I don't look at with a joyous heart -- and I was reminded of this experience.

Logan's pure joy found in the key of B (flat) is a reminder that you too can find so much joy in the small things, as long as your heart and mind are open. 

Where do you find joy?


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