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I got a text early one Friday morning from Kyle, telling me he had some excited news to share with me. After a quick phone call, I found myself saying yes to photographing the sweetest and most intimate elopement.

Amanda is a good friend and fellow photographer, and I have heard many sooo many sweet things about Kyle. They had been engaged since around the holidays and eventually decided eloping would be the best for them. It truly was the most perfect and magical day. 

Kyle decided to plan a very intimate ceremony on a Monday afternoon at a Bed and Breakfast tucked back in the Tennessee hills, Butterfly Hollow. The website isn't off when it says it's a hidden bed and breakfast. It really was so tucked back and beautiful. The owner there, Dave, prepared everything for their day - from the cake, to the flowers - and he was also the officiant who married them. 

Since this was all planned by Kyle, I got to show up and surprise Amanda while she was getting ready upstairs. She had no idea I would be there to capture it all, so when I walked up the stairs we both found ourselves tearing up at seeing each other and knowing how special it was to have photos from the day. 

How did you decide on eloping?

From Kyle: The wedding was perfect, because minor details like weather, decorations, ambience, or an extensive guest list don't really seem to matter much when you're joining lives with the right person. 

Throughout the planning of our wedding, I watched my future partner brought to tears at continuously fighting the battle between trying to accommodate all the people she loved in the world, and the stress of the simple honest fact that she just did not want to be the center of attention. Even just for a day. She didn't want people having to take off work, shell out money, travel long distances, or inconvenience their life. She wanted everyone in the world there to share in that moment, but at the same, didn't want everyone there to focus on her.  

After multiple changed dates and watching her ride the emotional roller coaster, I decided to step up and make my first decision as her protector to just give her the wedding that she told me she wanted. She knew we would be eloping, and was excited about it, but the rest of the plans were a secret. Instead of a stressful day of time schedules and deadlines, we got to spend our day together - walking through nature, sipping coffee out on the deck, and taking in every moment.

From Amanda: When Kyle and I began the "wedding planning" process it turned into being more stressful than joyful. So he and I decided to skip the unwanted stress and run away to the mountains together and get married! It was the most special, relaxed, beautiful, STRESS-FREE, precious day of my life.  Eloping was one of the best decisions he and I could have made - it was absolutely PERFECT for us. 

What was the most special part about your day?

From Amanda: We went for a hike in the woods to pick our "ceremony spot" (we love nature and knew we wanted to be outside). After a while we found the most beautiful and serene location that had a bright green mossy watering hole with trickling water. It was perfect! I thought we would just stand right there where it was naturally beautiful and say "I do".  Little did I know Kyle had other plans in mind. Fast forward, as I made my way up the woodsy path to my soon-to-be husband, I saw beautiful red and yellow rose pedals sprinkled up the hill. That alone was a complete surprise! Then, as I continued up the path, I began to hear one of our favorite songs playing. When I reached Kyle, I was completely blown away...he decorated the area with vanilla candles surrounding the water-hole and wrapped white tulle around a tree to create an arch. It was one of the most romantic, thoughtful, and special moments for me. He always goes above and beyond. 

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