Best of 2016 | Nashville Wedding Photographer

I've pulled up to barns, mansions, woods, hotels, backyards and islands. I've eaten a lot of wedding cake this year. I've cried at pretty much every ceremony. I've laughed at every embarrassing speech. I've fallen off a dance floor or two. I've shot in a few torrential downpours. I've held a bride's hand as she anxiously awaited her groom. I've shared several cups of coffee with newly engaged couples. I've danced with a bride and groom until the early hours of the morning. I've read endless pages of vows. And I've experienced so much joy from it all. 

When I look back on the thousands of photos I've made this year, I just see joy. I see two people that are choosing to commit their lives to one another. I see a group of family and friends that are choosing to love and support them. It truly is the biggest honor to be a wedding photographer, and I never take lightly getting the opportunity to capture all these moments. 

To all of you you who have trusted me, laughed with me, pushed me, inspired me, cried with me, and invited me into your lives, thank you. 

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