Braxton Jude | Nashville Birth Photographer

It was an early Sunday morning when I woke up to hear word that baby Braxton was on the way. Lindsey was scheduled for a c-section, so I knew I had a bit of time to get to the hospital before things started to happen. I arrived at the hospital right around the time Lindsey and John were giving Stella (big sister!) a Princess suitcase full of fun things to do in the waiting room and at her grandparents house that night, where she'd have her first sleepover. It seemed as if this sweet family were just having a normal morning together, with Stella playing with her mom and dad. 5202 was happy and bright, and just full of this family's love for one another.

Around the time Lindsey and John headed to the OR, more family came in to give hugs before she went back. They were sent off in the hall with cheers and smiles from their excited family. About an hour passed before I would see baby Braxton. I can't imagine how Lindsey and John were feeling during this time. They both remained so calm and joyful the entire day, and I really admire them for that. I was waiting around in the room looking at the clock thinking "Baby Braxton is coming into the world now!"

After he was born, I found John down by the nursery, looking in at his new baby boy. The first glance I got of Braxton was of his little feet. Oh those little feet. And his cheeks. And that hair. He is precious. I walked back up to the room, where Stella would soon be brought in to meet her new baby brother. Stella was a little uneasy at first, but she was the perfect helper. She made sure Braxton had his bottle and was very concerned with all the hospital equipment. 

After a few minutes, the rest of the family came in to greet baby Braxton. I witnessed so many happy tears, sweet moments of prayer and thanksgiving for a smooth surgery and healthy baby. Getting to witness this new life coming into the world was one of the most life-giving moments I've ever had as a photographer. The excitement and joy of this day is something I'll never forget.

Thanks for reading, friends.