Tate + Abby Kate | Nashville Engagement Photographer


First, I must tell you the story of how I know Abby Kate, the sweet, curly-haired beauty. We lived together in the same suite during our freshman year at Lipscomb. She's so organized, is a pro-communicator/marketer/graphic designer and a free-spirit. She easily became one of my closest friends that year, and we did some fun shoots together then, too. 

When I found out about Tate and how perfect he was for Abby Kate I was so excited! And then when I saw they got engaged I was even more excited... and I was secretly hoping and praying she'd ask me to do some engagement pictures for them. She did, and I was thrilled. I was even more thrilled when they said they wanted to do the entire thing barefoot. HECK YES.

It was a perfect sunny day that we walked around the trails at Edwin Warner park. Everything is in full bloom and oh so green. Tate and Abby Kate were total champs, walking through the creek, going off trail. I love their adventurous spirit. They love hiking together and adventuring to new places, and that's why this spot was totally perfect for them.

I want to do more of this kind of work! So for all you adventurous, nature-lovin' couples out there, let's just take a hike together! I never want to be a photographer who simply shows up to take your photos, then leave. I want to go on an adventure with you and get to know you! 

Abby Kate and Tate just got to do what they normally do together, I was just third wheeling with a camera. They held each other and twirled around on the trails. They played in the creek and held hands tight. Let's do something like that, friend. 

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