Mr. and Mrs. Carpio | Nashville Wedding Photographer

Meet Jose and Nailet - this super sweet, laid back couple. When I first met Nailet to talk over coffee, she was so quiet and relaxed (and she was the exact same on her wedding day). I met Jose on the wedding day, and he was full of energy and SO excited. I would walk back and forth between the guys' and girls' rooms and could just feel the different moods. Nailet was nervous and very eager. I think her bridesmaids were doing a really good job of keeping her occupied and relaxed, though. On the other side of the church, you'd find Jose and his groomsmen -- just having a good time, waiting around for things to start happening... Typical. 

Their day started off at West End Church of Christ and ended at Nashville City Club. But in between all that, we had some pretty incredible locations for pictures. This couple really knows how to win over a photographer's heart. They allowed for two hours in their timeline for portraits together. And they were really open to explore downtown. We headed to Shelby Street bridge right before the sun was about to set. I am so in love with the sun-kissed photos of this stunning couple. The sun was hitting just right over the Nashville skyline. And they just seemed so so happy to finally be married. Magic hour rules. 

You could easily sense the happiness and joy their families had for them, too. Their ceremony and reception were filled with family members from all around the United States. And the couple even got some encouragement from a random stranger. Most memorable moment of the day: As we walked across Shelby Street Bridge, this man approached us complimenting and congratulating Jose and Nailet. He just kept repeating things like, "Congratulations" and "You all are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning." Then he insisted on taking a photo with the newly weds!! So we snapped it. Gotta love random (but really happy and nice) strangers!

Shoutout to Emily Mae Photography for being the best second shooter. 

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