Heritage Park, Townsend, TN | Wedding Film | Olivia + Luke

I've been dying to blog this wedding for months now! It was in September that I joined the talented Shelby M'lynn Photography to film this gorgeous wedding. I had no idea how perfect this wedding would be until I stepped foot onto these beautiful rolling hills in Townsend, TN. My vote is that everyone should get married in the mountains. 

I didn't know Olivia and Luke before the day of their wedding, but it's so fun how quick you get to know a couple just by capturing their wedding day. I can say that they have a love so sweet I cried so many times behind the lens. The way Luke turned around to see his stunning bride during the first look. The way Olivia leaned her head against Luke's chest during the dance. The way their noses scrunched together. All of these things make my heart smile and my "job" so happy. 

Of course I had to snap a few stills in addition to the highlight reel I put together. This couple and this view were just too hard to pass up taking a few. Be sure to see Olivia + Luke's highlight reel at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

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