Rest | Radnor Lake | Personal Post

Sometimes you just need to wake up early, forget about all your homework and go on a peaceful walk with one of your best friends. 

That's exactly what my dear friend Brianna and I did on this quiet Thursday morning. So often, by the end of each week, everything just feels so heavy. It's so easy to become focused on the wrong things and get completely bogged down in all of life's minuscule tasks. Scheduling time out to be present with others and soak in some alone time is much needed. 

As a full time student, a full-time wedding and portrait photographer and a part-time editor of my school's student news, I sometimes forget how precious time is. I speed through each day with many to-do's and not enough down time. One of the biggest challenges of this season of my life has been dedicating time to be with God and to be with friends.

And this is one of many reasons why I am so thankful for Brianna. She has been a friend through many seasons of life now, but in this season she reminds me to rest. She inspires me on the daily to soak in all moments of joy and to see beauty in all things. 

Brianna recently shared with me something that she started doing every day: taking a sabbath hour. This is time where she can take all her focus off of work, school and any added stress and just be alone with The Lord and do absolutely anything she feels led to do in that time -- whether that's journaling, reading or taking a walk at Radnor.

When she shared this with me, I knew this was something I need to start implementing in my own life. A time to really rest. A time to charge. A time to pray. A time to read. Or even just time to lie in bed and do absolutely nothing. She showed me the importance of truly resting. 

So on this cloudy Thursday morning, we took a few hours to walk around Radnor Lake and just talk about life. To fellowship. To listen. To speak. It was a wonderful way to rest. Even though we weren't physically resting, we took the time to get away from every day life and be at peace.

On our little morning adventure, I snapped some photos of Brianna, and at the end of our walk we took a photo or two together. I'm thankful for Brianna and the life she speaks into me. The reminders she gives. And the true friend that she is. 

P.S. We ran into this little one on our walk. She was so calm and sweet.